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Partner Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Betrayal in a long-term relationship with your partner or spouse can be devastating.

Dr. Weiss defines partner betrayal trauma as a "unique type of trauma that occurs within a relationship."

Your partner is one of the most precious people in your life, and when they violate your trust, it shatters your connection with them.


You feel as if life as you know it no longer exists. Your partner as you believe to be no longer exists.

The familiar sense of fidelity, safety, and emotional stability can vanish, leaving a void and often leaving you feeling lost and disconnected.

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Partner Betrayal Violations

Partner betrayal can take various forms, including

  • Lies

  • Broken promises

  • Emotional infidelity

  • Porn addiction

  • Sex addiction

  • Infidelity

These violations can damage your emotional, spiritual, social, physical, sexual, and financial well-being.

Emotional Impact 

The emotional impact of partner betrayal can lead to feelings of loneliness, depression, alienation, anger, shame, embarrassment, hopelessness, and worthlessness.

Do you blame yourself for your partner's behavior?

Do you fear that healing might be out of reach?

Are you concerned that a genuine and warm connection may never be possible again?


Despite the pain and grief, healing and restoration are possible if you are willing to take the journey.

While your partner is responsible for the hurt they caused, YOU are responsible for your recovery. Take the first step towards healing and rebuilding your life.

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