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We all love progress, whether individual or global progress. However, what is progress? What constitutes progression? Let us focus on the personal level of the matter.


What is Progress?

            Progress means moving forward. It is moving towards a specific destination. Whatever your goal, whether spiritual, emotional, financial, or professional, progress is the series of actions or steps you will take to achieve a particular goal.


The Necessity to Identify Your Current Location

  Before taking any action or steps towards a particular goal or destination, it is essential to find your current location and to know where you are in life.

For example, this past fall my family and I went on a road trip to Lincoln, New Hampshire, to see the foliage. When I added the destination address to my phone’s GPS to get the directions, our current location was essential. Without it, the GPS could not give us the correct direction and route.

The same is true with our personal lives. Many of us, when setting personal goals know our destination, but fail to identify the current location, the place from which we start to move in the right direction.

Now, let’s say as you move towards your specific goal you get lost, you take a wrong turn.  As if you went on a walk on a trail which will take you to a beach, but you get lost. Do you think it would be progress to keep moving forward without any idea where the path is going to take you? Of course not! Even though you will be moving forward, you will not be moving towards your goal, the beach, you will be moving farther from it. Keep in mind that progress means moving towards your specific goal or destination, not a random place. The safest thing to do is to stop moving as soon as you realize you took the wrong turn. If you keep moving without first re-identifying your location, the chances are that you will take meaningless steps, become tired and find yourself further from your destination.

Would it be progress to take a U-turn?

We all have personal, spiritual, financial, and career goals we want to achieve in life. If, along the way, we take the wrong path and end up further away from the destination we desire, a U-turn would be progression. Remember, progress is not just moving forward; it is moving closer to your goal. Sometimes you will make more progress by moving backward than moving ahead. As soon as you discover you took the wrong path and return to the one that will take you closer to where you want to be, you are being your most progressive self.

Keep moving, even if it means walking back some miles to get closer to where you want to be, to what you want to achieve, or to who you want to become.

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